On the Move – Pt.3

It is the 6th of September 2019 and I have finished my full-time work and said goodbye to my friends.

Our essential furniture has been collected and is now in our new flat with Zac. I am the last piece of the puzzle to put into place.

My dad is driving me and my remaining three suitcases of clothes to Cardiff airport ready for my flight back to Munich. And so the journey begins.

Zac collects me from the airport arrivals (forgetting the biggest con of having a right-hand drive car in left-hand drive Europe – the ticket machines!) and we get straight back on the Autobahn towards our new home.

At 7:30 pm, after battling Friday rush-hour traffic in Munich, we arrive in our town. I am here, I am ready to become German.

We spend the weekend exploring our local superstore Kaufland and Ikea. We have a small amount of cash to spend on new bits and pieces to make our new house look slightly more like home and so we fill the car as much as we can for as little money as we can.

I spend my first week being introduced to various neighbours and running around the local area getting to know the streets. I start picking up local phrases and gather online sources that allow me to learn German.

I am determined to make sure that this whole thing works. The stress, anxiety, and paperwork we have endured to get us here is too much for us to fail…

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