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It’s good to talk – mental health as an expat with Ettie Jayne from The Alignment Alchemist

Let’s talk about mental health as an expat, shall we? At the beginning of the May on the Move challenge, I knew I wanted to incorporate some collaborations. I’d wanted to do some for a while and this presented the perfect opportunity.  You might have already seen my interview with Simone from Life Inspiration File …

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Saudade: feeling nostalgic for a life I’ve lost.

I won’t lie, I had to Google what Saudade meant. It’s a Portuguese word and according to the millennial’s big book of knowledge, Wikipedia: Wow. Okay. Where do I start? In January 2020, I almost flew back to Britain and left Germany behind indefinitely. After six months of trying so hard, I was still struggling …

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Building an awesome online community as an introvert

How do you build an online community as an introverted expat? Simple answer: you just gotta put yourself out there, baby! As part of this month’s #mayonthemove2021 challenge, hosted by the wonderful Catriona from The Frustrated Nester and Margarita from Diverse in the City, I decided to open up the ‘Community’ prompt to my own …

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Expat Diaries: becoming an expat prepared me for a Global Pandemic

There have been many times over the past 5 months of this global pandemic where I have questioned if I really am okay, or if I’m just telling people I’m okay. If you’re a high-functioning depressive like me, you’ll know this trick well. But, as it turns out, I really am okay. Becoming an expat …