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CULTURE: Recycling in Germany

I have briefly mentioned the comprehensive recycling system in Germany in a previous Culture Shock post. Here’s a more in-depth look at it! Why so serious? Recycling in Germany is serious business.  And in 2021, I think we can all agree that recycling is a good thing, right? Climate change is the biggest problem we […]


Culture: Smoking in Germany

Smoking in Germany is still very popular. So popular, in fact, that a study conducted by the RKI in 2017 showed that 20.8% of women and 27% over the age of 18 smoke at least occasionally. There has been a strict smoking ban in public spaces in the UK since 2007. Over the following ten […]


Culture: 10 Weird Things About the British

Last week, I jokingly and lovingly, wrote about 10 things Germans do/have that are just super weird to me as a Brit/Expat. But we are not innocent! If anything we are probably the stranger nation. So this week, I present to you 10 weird things about the British. 1. 2 Taps This had never occurred […]


Culture: 10 Weird Things About Germans

Germans are weird. Don’t deny it. If you’re a born and bred German, you’ll probably think these things are completely normal. But to Germany’s 11.2 million foreign residents, these 10 weird things came as a shock to the system the first time they encountered them. Disclaimer: some of these might be local to Bavaria, as […]

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