Time to beat the January blues by seeing a little bit of sunshine! In October 2019, we went to the beautiful island of Majorca for 5 days of relaxation and exploration.

Coming from England, my image of Majorca has always been that of ‘party town’ Magaluf – holiday resorts and thousands of drunk Brits on stag/hen parties. I was so wrong!

We stayed in Port de Pollença in the north of the island and I can confirm it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to!

We will ignore the (unsurprisingly) severely delayed flight from Ryanair that meant we missed our first day, and jump straight into the good stuff! 

Here are 5 things we did with 5 days in Majorca!

Walk Port de Pollença

I have said it before, but I truly do love to discover a new place by walking around. No map, no phone, just getting lost and taking in the surroundings.

We took a walk around the small backstreets of Port de Pollença and down the pine walk on at least 2 out of our 5 days on the island. Not only did it get that daily movement in, but we also ended up seeing some cool stuff!

Visit Alcudia Market

We caught the bus to Alcudia for €3. We planned to catch a return bus, but the queue was simply insane so we caught a Taxi, which was around €15 between 4 of us. 

The market was bustling and full of locals selling art, clothes and food/drink. 

After wandering through the market, we walked around the walls of Alcudia town and took in the architecture and views from up high. 

It perfectly encapsulated the stereotypical image I had of a small Spanish town! 

Hire a Car for a day

We did not have the budget to hire a car for the full 5 days, but to hire one for 24 hours was only around €50. We picked up our Corsa at 10 am and headed straight off for a day of adventure.

We had an undetailed map of the island and decided that we would just drive and see where we landed. 

We stumbled on a private German Rock/Metal festival, a beautiful, quiet beach spot for a coffee and took our longest part of the drive through the mountains before dropping into Palma and back up to Port de Pollença in the evening.  


The island was FULL of cyclists and after our day in the mountains, I can understand why it’s such a beauty spot for those with an active nature. 

Renting bikes is relatively cheap and a great way to get around and see some more hidden parts of the island.

I went for several morning runs, often followed by a swim in the sea and can confirm that Port de Pollença seafront is truly breathtaking at 6:30 am!

Hike to Camí Boquer

It’s a bit tougher than strolling the seafront, but I promise you do not want to miss this spot! 

Set away from the rest of the town, it might seem like you’re heading into the grounds of a mansion to start with, but keep climbing because the view at the top is phenomenal! 

You can also walk down the hill the other side to reach a small cove and tiny secluded beach, but sadly we did not go all the way down.

I would recommend doing this hike at sunrise or sunset for two reasons: there will be hardly any people and IMAGINE how spectacular that view would be!

I think it’s fair to say that my experience here was nothing like I expected it to be and I sincerely hope I will get the chance to come back to Majorca again.

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