Language: Hilarious Duolingo Phrases (2)

This week, we take a look at some more classics from the language learning app, Duolingo. If you haven’t read my previous post on this, be sure to check that out first!

My last few posts have been pretty lengthy and on more serious topics, so I wanted to take a time out and add something funny into the mix.

Let’s get straight into it with 10 more classic lines. The further I move through the Duolingo levels, the more convinced I am that Duo is, in fact, a serial killer.

1. Man findet keine freunde mit Salat
You don’t find friends with salad

Very true. As we all know, garlic bread is the true way to make friends.

2. Meine Kuh braucht einen neuen Hut
My cow needs a new hat

You’d better get out and buy one then! Your cow works hard, it deserves to treat itself.

3. Sie schenkt ihm ein Schwein
She gives him a pig

What a fabulous gift idea. Works for any occasion too.

4. Wir laufen mit drei verschiedenen Katzen
We’re running with 3 different cats

I would be much more interested in running clubs if they involved cats. Where do I sign up?

5. Kinder, warum blutet ihr?
Children, why are you bleeding?

So this is where it starts to get weird again. I can’t say this in a normal voice, I only hear Pennywise.

6. Dies sind die neuesten Opfer
These are are the newest victims

Come on.

7. Das Bier ist schwach, der Bär ist stark
The beer is weak, the bear is strong

I mean, okay, it’s a fair observation. And I too would complain if I had a weak beer.

8. Er isst natürlich seinen Reis
He eats his rice naturally

…how do you eat rice unnaturally?

9. Der Körper ist schwer
The body is heavy

Here we go again. I highly suspect this particular body is heavy having just been killed off…

10. Duo zählt seinen Milliarden
Duo counts his billions

Of course he’s a billionaire. He’s a straight up gangster serial killer!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little post. I really enjoy making this and I always keep a running list of weird phrases I come across on Duolingo so you can definitely expect more!

bis zum nächsten Mal // until next time,

Steffi x

3 thoughts on “Language: Hilarious Duolingo Phrases (2)”

    1. adventuresofsteffi

      Hahaha that’s brilliant! I think I’ve read somewhere before that Duolingo uses lines from film/tv shows/pop culture. It’s a good way to learn!

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