Explore: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Search for the best places to visit in Germany and Rothenburg ob der Tauber will certainly be on the list. For good reason, too.

Its medieval history, cobblestone streets and colourful, half-timbered houses are enough to draw any tourist to this beautiful town. It is truly beautiful.

I have found myself saying this a lot in Germany. Back home in Britain, I often found myself underwhelmed by tourist towns. More often than not, they were covered in litter, scaffolding or graffiti.

Love at First Sight.

A short 5-minute walk from Rothenburg train station was the archway entrance to the old town. From there, it was pretty much a magical experience. It was love at first sight. Zac told me off for vocally expressing my amazement too much!

Rothenburg city gate

Known as the “City of Towers,” Rothenburg boasts six city gates and 42 towers in total. We walked part of the Tower Trail – a 4-kilometre walk leading around the old quarter. We climbed down and back up at various points to take a closer look at different buildings and views.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber rooftop view
Rothenburg ob der Tauber rooftop view
Colourful building in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

In the centre of the town sits the Marktplatz and City Hall. To be greeted by this powerful gothic building after spending hours wandering through tiny cobbled streets certainly had its desired effect. We were completely taken aback by the view presented before us!

Town hall and Marktplatz

The most notable sight in Rothenburg is the Plönlein. It translates as a “small square at the fountain,” with its centre being a crooked, yellow, timber-framed building. Surrounding this are the two towers of the old city wall and, the aforementioned fountain and a handful of beautiful brightly coloured buildings.


We only spent a day here in Rothenburg and sadly, at the time, we were both unemployed so could not afford to visit many tourist attractions. Now that we are both employed once more, we have made the promise to return here to explore the delights of this beautiful town once more!

Thinking of visiting? Visit https://www.rothenburg-tourismus.de/en/ to plan your trip!

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