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How to Buy a Car in Germany (pt.2)

A couple of weeks ago, I shared part 1 of How to Buy a Car in Germany. Here’s part 2! I’m also going to provide an approximation of costs at the end, so stay tuned if you’re wondering how much it *really* costs to buy a car in Germany! Getting Insurance: In the UK, it’s […]


Expat Diaries: Learning to Slow Down

In a country famous for its unlimited road speeds, I slammed the brakes on and learned to slow down. 10 months into my journey here, I am slowly beginning to enter the ‘Acceptance’ phase. Accepting that this is the life I have chosen. Oddly enough, I have the global Coronavirus pandemic to thank for that. […]


How To Buy a Car in Germany

In January, we decided it was time to begin the search for a German car and send our UK car back to its little island. However, we found it very difficult to find comprehensive information on exactly how to buy a car in Germany. Specifically, how to buy a car privately in Germany. I decided […]


Baking in Germany is a Nightmare!

Baking is not one of my biggest passions, but sometimes I do get the urge to start whisking eggs and folding flour into things. Usually when I am feeling anxious or stressed and feel like my life is falling apart. For a short while, baking a recipe allows me to have control over something. This […]

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