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10 German words you already know in English

Wanna know a secret? If you’re a native English speaker, then you can already speak some German! There are actually lots of German words used in English. Let’s take a look. We are family. Buckle up kids, time for a history lesson. German and English both come from the same family – the Germanic language […]


Language: the extraordinary rise of Denglisch

The winner of the German youth word of the year 2020 is “Lost”. Yep. If you’re a native English speaker, you’re probably thinking…wait, what? Voted for by the public, and with 48% of the vote, the word most used by the German youth is an English word. In fact, the three words that made it […]


Language: Top 5 German Netflix Shows

If you’ve read my 5 Easy Ways to Learn a Language at Home post, you’ll know I highly recommend Netflix as a way to consume new languages. Netflix (other streaming services are available) is one of the best things to happen to language learners around the world. It has provided a huge platform that has […]


Langauge: Learn German in 1 Month CHALLENGE

This month, I have set myself a huge language challenge to learn German! Okay, I’ll admit it – the title of this post is misleading as I already have limited working proficiency of German. BUT I want to learn more and I want to share the journey with YOU! How much German have I already […]


Language: 5 Easy Ways to Learn a Language at Home

Learning any new language is difficult. You must overcome the complexities and intricacies of an entirely new grammatical system, while at the same time trying your best to speak like a native, where correct grammar forms often get left behind. It is an extremely difficult task to undertake – even more so as an adult. […]

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