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Culture: Smoking in Germany

Smoking in Germany is still very popular. So popular, in fact, that a study conducted by the RKI in 2017 showed that 20.8% of women and 27% over the age of 18 smoke at least occasionally. There has been a strict smoking ban in public spaces in the UK since 2007. Over the following ten […]


Travel: Mini-Getaway to Saxon Switzerland

Travelling internationally right now is difficult, and not something I am personally comfortable with yet. Ideally, we would have made this holiday a trip back home, but the UK is currently drowning in a sea of messy Brexit talks, a highly concerning rise in coronavirus cases (recording 6,873 new cases on 25th September against Germany’s […]


Travel Diary: a weekend in South Tyrol

3:30 am on a Saturday is no time to be awake. And yet, thanks to the summer heat making it impossible to sleep properly, and sprinkled with a little bit of excitement, here we are. By 4:30 am, we are packed in the car and heading south. We have 2 hours on this leg of […]


How to Buy a Car in Germany (pt.2)

A couple of weeks ago, I shared part 1 of How to Buy a Car in Germany. Here’s part 2! I’m also going to provide an approximation of costs at the end, so stay tuned if you’re wondering how much it *really* costs to buy a car in Germany! Getting Insurance: In the UK, it’s […]

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