Expat Diaries: the joy in between / the next good day

It seems pretty apt that this is my choice of post this week. Germany has entered “Lockdown Light” from today – similar to Bud Light or Coors Light. Beer, but not really BEER. You can go outside, but not really for anything good. Funny, because public consumption of alcohol has also been limited under the […]

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Culture: 10 Weird Things About the British

Last week, I jokingly and lovingly, wrote about 10 things Germans do/have that are just super weird to me as a Brit/Expat. But we are not innocent! If anything we are probably the stranger nation. So this week, I present to you 10 weird things about the British. 1. 2 Taps This had never occurred […]

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Culture: 10 Weird Things About Germans

Germans are weird. Don’t deny it. If you’re a born and bred German, you’ll probably think these things are completely normal. But to Germany’s 11.2 million foreign residents, these 10 weird things came as a shock to the system the first time they encountered them. Disclaimer: some of these might be local to Bavaria, as […]

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Langauge: Learn German in 1 Month CHALLENGE

This month, I have set myself a huge language challenge to learn German! Okay, I’ll admit it – the title of this post is misleading as I already have limited working proficiency of German. BUT I want to learn more and I want to share the journey with YOU! How much German have I already […]

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Expat Diaries: the last Good day

This week’s blog post is inspired by the wonderful ItsRadishTime. After she posted her video about the last Good day (y’know, before *it* happened), I decided it would be a good idea to look back and write about my last Good day in my diary. So what you have before you, good people, is an […]

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