Expat Diaries: (not) Driving Home for Christmas

Earlier on in the year, I booked the last 3 weeks of the year off work. Firstly, because I needed to use my holidays up. Secondly, I was still cautiously optimistic that the second wave of the pandemic would be better and we would get our chance to travel back to the UK for Christmas.  […]

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Language: Hilarious Film Title Translations

This week, I’m taking a look at some German film title translations that, when translating back into English, provide some giggles. Why do film titles get translated? Simply put, money and marketing. While there are linguistic and cultural elements linked to the translation of many film titles, commercial marketing and money-making are naturally the driving […]

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Personal: 28 Years Later (lessons learned)

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 28. And I had two thoughts. Holy f*** I’m already 28 Holy f*** am I only just 28?! The last decade has been tumultuous, to say the least. The last 12-18 months have escalated it to a whole new level. I think I always feel a lot older […]

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Language: the extraordinary rise of Denglisch

The winner of the German youth word of the year 2020 is “Lost”. Yep. If you’re a native English speaker, you’re probably thinking…wait, what? Voted for by the public, and with 48% of the vote, the word most used by the German youth is an English word. In fact, the three words that made it […]

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Language: Top 5 German Netflix Shows

If you’ve read my 5 Easy Ways to Learn a Language at Home post, you’ll know I highly recommend Netflix as a way to consume new languages. Netflix (other streaming services are available) is one of the best things to happen to language learners around the world. It has provided a huge platform that has […]

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