I’m Steffi 👋

Here on Adventures of Steffi, I explore life & language as a first-time, unexpected expat. You can find stories of my personal experiences and follow along with my language learning.

What makes me different?

Growing up, I never expressed an interest in moving to a different country or learning another language. I never went on those school ski trips or spent a semester abroad. My move to Germany was totally out of the blue and a shock for pretty much everyone I knew.

Six months into my expat journey, I nearly got on a plane home and gave up.

But I didn’t and boy am I glad about that! 

The personal, professional, emotional and mental growth I have gone through on this journey is something I would never have experienced had I not stayed here.

Speaking of which, why am I here?

This is where I introduce you to my best pal, travel buddy, co-pilot, business partner and soulmate: Zac. He’s camera shy so you won’t be getting a photo of him!

But he is the reason I’m here. One job opportunity brought him (and, by extension, me) to Germany and a different job opportunity allowed us to stay.

As much as I am a feminist and believe in the collective power of women, I would not be the person I am today without Zac. So if you like my content and you ever feel like thanking someone, it should be him.

Grap a cuppa, we’re getting chatty!

Come along on my journey as I explore life as a first-time expat, culture, language, personal growth and occasionally some travel.

I try my best to be honest about life here in Germany. Sometimes that includes the bad, uncomfortable stuff. But most of the time I add my own comedic spin, because what is life without laughter?

I hope you enjoy my content. Join in the conversation by dropping a comment below a post, sending me an email or sliding into my Instagram DM’s.