Duolingo is Hilarious (German edition)

Alternative title: Duolingo, u k hun?

I’ve been using Duolingo as one of my language learning tools since I began learning German. I love it. It’s my favourite language app to use, not least because it is FREE!

I would normally use it for about 5-10 minutes per day on top of my 1.5 hour daily German school lesson and my daily speaking, listening and writing practice at work. However, my language school is currently closed and my office block is a ghost town. Still keen to get my learning in, I’ve been using Duolingo a lot more than usual and have begun to notice how…interesting some of the sentences are!

Honestly, the further you progress in the course, the weirder the sentences get.

Here are 10 of my favourites so far:

Der Koch bringt das Pferd

English: The cook brings the horse

Concerning. Has the cook brought the horse to work? Is the horse about to be cooked? It’s the horse meat scandal all over again!

Ich gebe einer Professorin eine Katze

English: I give the professor a cat

Sure. Why would you not give your professor a cat as a thank you gift? They work hard.

Du hast eine gute Zitrone

English: You have a good lemon

All I’ve ever wanted in life is for somebody to compliment me on my lemon.

Die Körper sind klein

English: The bodies are small

Slightly disturbing. What has Duo been up to in their free time?

Du gehörst mir

English: You belong to me

No, Duolingo, it’s 2020. You can’t own people anymore.

Die Katze gibt einer Frau einen Rock

English: The cat gives a skirt to a woman

What a kind cat.

Kinder, warum blutet ihr?

English: Children, why are you bleeding?

I think Duolingo might be related to Pennywise.

Wir ersetzen die Orange durch eine Kartoffel

English: We replace the orange with a potato

An obvious ingredient swap for any recipe.

Mein Großvater hat einundzwanzig Kartoffeln

English: My grandfather has 21 potatoes

And he is very proud of them, thank you very much. What an inheritance.

Er hat eine größere Ente als ich

English: He has a bigger duck than me

I don’t think they’re talking about ducks…

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